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The story behind The One Success Habit is that I finished the book two summers ago and wasn’t satisfied with one essential thing…I really hadn’t build my system.  There is a day coming when I’m going to show it to you all…and teach you how to do it.  It isn’t THE answer (you get to figure it out for yourself), but it is definitely AN answer…that works pretty well for non-Steven-Covey type personalities like me!

The Free WORKBOOK for The One Success Habit (You Can’t Do Without) is available for anyone who owns the book.


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  1. Hi Fred,

    I have read many books on productivity and I have to tell you that I agree that I have never seen this advice before. I really enjoy the part on honesty and resistance.

    I am not done reading yet but when I am, I will write an Amazon review for you. I think your book is excellent and I can’t wait to get through it. I am already evaluating my to-do list with a new eye.

    Thanks for sharing…!



  2. The investment of a couple of hours reading The One Success Habit led directly to the completion of a few huge jobs, because Fred Ray Lybrand encourages total honesty and the complete rework of the dreaded “do-list”. Readers will soon see how he clarifies its role.
    Being overwhelmed by the extent of some of my spare-time projects (one of ’em was prepping and painting the entire exterior of our house!), and rather bogged between some of the preliminary tasks, I applied Fred’s book to my situation. It showed a clear way forward.
    Now with the house painted to perfection, and then few other things knocked off the list as well, I’m rather grateful for one Fred Ray Lybrand!
    The momentum arising from getting projects completed in a focused manner has made this such a productive month for me.
    Other things did come up, of course, but for the most part I stuck to a VERY simple plan. It is better not to be distracted from the actual work by ineffective planning, and better not to feel defeated by long, long lists.
    It’s surprising how much can be done with One Success Habit, and can see now how I was rather inefficient without it.
    I thoroughly recommend this book! -MrsMum

  3. Dr. Lybrand’s book “The One Success Habit: You Can’t Do Without” is simply excellent. The book is a compact/fun read that explains a method to make you more productive. Not only will the system improve personal productivity and time management, it will make you feel more valuable. After reading it, I immediately wanted to read it again. The principles are so simple (yet profound), that they almost go unnoticed. Dr. Lybrand once again has communicated things that we all talk about in a way that we can actually understand and apply to our daily lives. I have read many time-management books and have found that some but not all of the principles apply. There is one universal “to-do” in this book and it works! Read it. -ZCM

  4. I can clearly see how the material in this book will help me to succeed. Therefore, I am motivated to do what I thought was too large a task in the past. Dr. Lybrand motivates by teaching how to motivate yourself. The best part…it is so easy to incorporate into my life. Thanks Dr. Lybrand. -Nesha

  5. Getting side-tracked and guilty doing things that really aren’t that important to you? Have you filled a day with activity, but just don’t feel like you are moving ahead? Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things screaming for your attention each day? Are you putting off something, afraid of failure? If you are in any of these situations or just want to advance your already strong performance, I would encourage you to read “The One Success Habit”.

    Anyone who truly wants to get the most important things done and move ahead should read Dr Lybrand’s book. In a world where we’re all spread so thin and lost in a sea of things we possibly could do with our time, “Fred Ray’s” warm, witty conversational advice can bring fresh clarity. Reading the book provided me the benefit of ideas from this engaging executive coach and systems thinker of our day. One of many jewels that I have personally gained from is expounded upon in “Appendix C” of his book…taking an Edison

    -Brian Norman

  6. “The One Success Habit” by Fred Ray Lybrand is a good read, and the guidance Fred provides is wise and too true. I would recommend this book for anyone who struggles with achieving success due to chronic inaction. Applying a similar philosophy during my life has proven effective, and his approach will work for anyone willing to give it a try. -Greg Jackson

  7. I’m always cautious when I’m told I can’t do without something. But the farther I read into this book, the more I realized that it was describing me! I’ll admit that I too fall into the everyday trap of busyness without really getting the right things done. I like how he looks deep into into the “why” behind what we are able/unable to accomplish each day. Better than that, I gives real tools to do something about it. One of the best books on how to get things done I’ve read. Oh, and I can’t believe what he says about Steven Covey!! But as I reflect on it… I think he is dead on in his assessment of Covey’s planning matrix. BTW, loved that I could download it on my digital reader.

    -Brad Sullard

  8. Fred,

    Hope you’re doing well. Must admit that until yesterday I’ve been down for about 10 days with the flu. Went back to the office yesterday for a while — energy much better today.

    I got your book in the mail yesterday (or at least I found it in my mailbox yesterday) and read it cover to cover last night.

    Fred, very good work! You gave me a fresh way of thinking about a Will-Do list rather than a To-Do list.

    Proud to say that I said, “Ok, Lybrand! I’ll give you your 21 days and try this thing out.” The only thing I haven’t completed today on my Will-Do is to download your free system on the internet (or whatever it is). That will get done later today.

    To be more specific, the decisions needed to be made at a CEO level take more prep and thinking — which can lead to procrastination if I don’t attack that tendency all the time. I’ll continue letting you know how your book will put at least another billion dollars in my pocket over the next several weeks.

    Again, and sincerely, thank you for…writing.

    Marty Scirratt
    President and CEO | The Brooks Group

    Top 10 Sales Training Company 2012 – SellingPower Magazine
    Celebrating 35 Years in Business

  9. Fred’s passion is to simply:
    Help you think better, to
    Help you choose better actions, to
    Help you get better results.

    Lots of time management and productivity fads have come and gone. Rather than a fad, Fred present a life changing habit.
    He helps us understand what success is and how to develop our own definition.
    He suggests action is the thing. This book “is all about action and exactly what must change for you to begin acting.” (24)
    He helps us understand how to take the next step, a single action. He writes about the value of motivation and how it is generated.
    He explores how to think about habits, how they are created and how they serve us.
    He next tackles systems thinking – cause and effect. “The system is the solution,” Fred writes. (56) If we want a different result, create a different system. We are shown how to establish the procedure: objective, guidelines, steps.
    He helps us understand the enemy – work its weakness and explore our resources. He helps us be honest with ourselves and learn the importance of yes, maybe, no.

    This is a great book for people who have not done well with the traditional way of getting things done – writing a “to do” list. Fred’s process requires some serious thought about how well we know ourselves and what we will accomplish. We have to know that and not be dishonest, placing tasks on our list when we know we will not do them.

    Fred has also provided an excellent workbook that is available on his website when you have purchased the book. The workbook definitely helps to work through all that Fred presents.

    This is not a quick fix to your productivity problem. Fred lays lots of groundwork so that when you get to the actual habit, you understand its importance.

    I have been a successful list maker all my life (like his mother). There were some parts with which I could not identify. But if you are searching for a life changing way to look at how to make sure you accomplish your tasks, I would suggest you try this book.


  10. B & B Media Group, Inc. sent me this book to review. I can honestly say this is the best time management tool I have ever encountered, and I’ve read and tried myriads.
    Perhaps it is because the author, Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand is a fellow Alabaman and speaks my language. (As an Auburn fan I’ve forgiven his allegiance to U. of Alabama) Reading this book was almost like sitting across the table at a coffee shop with Dr. Lybrand. I felt that I was having a conversation with him. He doesn’t try to wow anyone with big words or complicated concepts. From his definition of success; “Success is achieving what is meaningful to me through the use of my best talents; without violating the rights or freedoms of others and without offending God.” to his application of the three essentials in planning; “I Will, I May, I Will Not”, the author leads us on a no-nonsense path to an uncomplicated life.
    I’ve already recommended this book to several colleagues and family members. I plan to keep it within easy reach on my desk until I’ve mastered the process of developing my own system and creating the habit of keeping my eyes on the objective and leaving the extraneous behind. The words of an old song come to mind; “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t miss with Mr. In Between.” -Bill Cole


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