What is Success to You?


What is Success to You?
A few years ago ‘de-motivator’ posters became all the rage. The idea was to send a message while offering a dark kind of comfort. Here are a couple of my favorite captions as best my memory serves;

    • If at first you don’t succeed…maybe failure is your thingfailure is your thing pic
    • Perhaps your life is just to serve as a warning to othersyour life a warning

The first had a dejected baseball player sitting on the bench, and the second had a half-sunken barge in the middle of the ocean. Almost immediately we all get the
importance of success, but think a little deeper…
Why Does Success Matter?

On the surface, success matters because failure is so bad. It does seem that most people operate with this kind of thought in the back of their minds somewhere. You know, it’s simple. If you don’t have money, friends, a lover, and stuff…life will be awful. Then again, I’ve worked with people over the years who fret over their money, are frustrated with their friends, want to get away from their lover, and are pretty bored with their stuff . In this kind of circumstance we find the first key to succeeding. Success is always relative. Success is always a ‘compared to what’ phenomenon. Success is driven by, and dies by, comparison. Are you a success? According to whom or according to what standard? Honestly it just gets down to definitions.

Toward a Definition of Success

Clear definitions can solve all kinds of problems, especially

Just definitions either prevent or put an end to
disputes. -Emmons

So, before I tell you mine, what is yours?

Fred Ray Lybrand

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Fred Ray Lybrand 

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The Death of the To-Do List

So, let’s think for a moment about our To-Do Lists.

First, there are just two basic types of To Do List people:

  1. Those who make the list and keep slogging through adding and crossing out…sometime, they even like to write down an item they already completed, just to get to cross it off!
  2. Those who make the list and loose it…to find it later and rejoice momentarily about how much they actually did!

Here’s the problem: To-Do Lists are depressing and frustrating for most people.  The reason is pretty simple; they never end!  Really, we add and add and add.  Yes, we cross off and cross off, but it never feels like progress is happening.  If you feel progress you are either an exception, or are great a pretending!

Moreover, To-Do Lists are often used as a place to hold everything you might do someday (or worse yet, everything you SHOULD do someday).  So, in this morphing role of of the To Do List really needs to be laid to rest.

In it’s place se recommend the Will-Do List.  This is a special list that is close-ended.  We show you some special tricks for using a Will-Do List in The One Success Habit (You Can’t Do Without), but in the meantime just try the following:

Make a list of the things you know you will do this next week (yes, make the list right now and be sure to write the beginning and ending dates at the top). If you aren’t sure, then it doesn’t go on this list.  Now carry it with you and ONLY add items that you know you will get done that week.

Now, prepare to be blown away at how different the feeling, and how better the focus, you experience this week.

It’s only the beginning!


Fred Ray Lybrand